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Welcome to Gotirth

GoTirth is a concern of Gotirthashram, which is engaged in the production and marketing of ayurvedic panchgavya medicine & products, we are engaged in the service of holy cow ,humanity & nature.

We combine “gavya” of indigenous Healthy Himalayan cow’s with herbs to produce natural and ayurvedic medicines and other health related products. Accuracy and cleanliness in construction ensures great results.

GoTirth Healthcare believes in serving the sick humanity. We take great care that the cows we consider as our mother should be kept in clean condition and fed well. Not only do we take care of our cows but entire Uttarakhand. Our goal of life is to serve and we serve humanity.

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Acidity is one common problem with many today that takes a toll on over wellbeing. Ayurvedic treatment or medicine for acidity and ulcer ensure to control the excessive acid formation and provide relief. As per Ayurveda, individuals with imbalance Pita dosha are more prone to acidity and heartburn. After conducting meticulous research, GoTirth has formulated 100% ayurvedic remedies that helps balance stomach acid and digestion naturally.


Are you looking for solutions to relieve arthritis pain? Look no further as GoTirth brings to you remedies formulated with 100% ayurvedic herbs. Solutions offered are safe and highly effective for pain in joints, feet, ankle, shoulders, wrists or fingers. Arthritis can occur to people of all ages, it’s important to not only treat the symptoms like swelling, pain and redness but control them at the early stage only.

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GoTirth comes as a promise to treat most pestering ailments like Asthama, a breathing disorder that results in narrowed airways causing shortness of breath. Your search for ayurvedic medicine for asthama ends here. We offer a well-researched and authentic ayurvedic medicine for asthma. It treats the problem from its root cause without any side-effects.


Years of research and profound knowledge of Ayurveda has helped us formulate the best ayurvedic medicine for Type 2 Diabetes. The remedy is 100% ayurvedic, formulated with highly effective and time-tested herbs that ensure blood sugar in type 2 patients are controlled. GoTirth believes in providing remedies that treat serious problems like Diabetes from the root cause.




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