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Gotirth Nasorine Nasal Drop

Nasya is an ancient cleansing practice of the nasal cavity in Ayurvedic medicine, specifically panchkarma of the 5 cleansing actions. Nasya cleanses on physical, mental and emotional spectrum for a holistic approach to healing. According to a study in 2019, 72 billion lbs. of toxic are dumped into the atmosphere each year in US and it is higher in India. These atmospheric toxins enter the nasal cavity into our bodies leading to many diseases. Majority of these toxins are lipophilic, meaning they are stored in fat. Since our nasal cavity goes directly to our brain which is comprised of mostly fatty tissues, we have an accumulations of toxins in brain causing physical diseases and mental disorders. There is also science proving that molecules of emotion are stored in fat cells. In Ayurveda this is called mental or emotional ama, the emotions we experience from trauma, suffering, anger, etc. They are stored in Tarpaka kapha, or the myelin sheaths in the brain.

Ayurveda has used medicinal ghee / oil to remove impurities and toxins from the entire body through specific cleanses, practices such as oil pulling, oil in ears & belly button, netra vasti (medicated ghee for eye purification) and of course nasya. Nasya is the application of medicated ghee inserted up the nose to cleanse the nasal cavity of any impurities, helps with headaches, moisturize and lubricate the passageway and eliminate excess kapha. However, it works on a much deeper level. As it enters the brain, it loosens the impurities or samskaras stored in Tarpaka kapha, therefore it is successfully used in treating mental disorders, changing patterns of behavior, mood imbalances. Modern science calls this neuroplasticity, the ability to change the pathways of the brain. Today, this is known as “lipophilic mediated detoxification.”

Gotirth Nasorin is a panchgavya product made according as traditional ayurvedic nasal drops. They contain A2 ghee from grass-fed grazing Himalayan cows, along with other ethically sourced ayurvedic herbs is a powerful treatment for the above mentioned. Since we are approaching fall season, the nasal cavity tends to dry out due to excess vata. The mind also can become easily anxious. Nasorine is the perfect remedy to keep the nasal passage moist, mitigate headaches and calm the nervous vata mind. It is very beneficial for yoga persons.

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