Blood Pressure

Here you will get to know, How to treat High or Low Blood pressure using ayurvedic medicine for Blood Pressure Norm made by Panchgavya Healthcare India.

BP Norm is an excellent remedy for patients suffering from both high and low blood pressure. It rapidly works to control systolic variations, regulating blood pressure. BP Norm also controls cholesterol levels and the nervine system. Gomutra naturally calms the mind, thus reducing stress levels.

Patients taking allopathic medication are requested to reduce dosage according to the bodies need. Gomutra enhances the effects of any medicine and/ or herb; therefore a smaller dose is required with the same or higher efficacy.


BP Norm Dosage: 10ml-20ml liquid mixed w/ half-cup water with 1-2 tablets 2x daily. Preferably on an empty stomach. If patient has thin body or excess pitta, take after meal.

VitaGreen Dosage: 5g-8g with 1-2 spoons organic, raw honey (Sweetener optional. Do not use refined white sugar). Mix well in 1 glass luke warm water. Take on empty stomach in morning and evening.

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