Bye Bye Dry! Panchgavya for Dryness


For some people, the cold season in a beautiful Winter Wonderland. But for others, they are simply wondering WHY their skin, hair and nails are so dry, brittle, cracked, peeling, itchy and so forth! The cool, light and dry qualities of Winter drastically increase Vata in the human body, and dry skin is the main symptom we experience.

Luckily, Gau Mata has blessed us with her Divine Panchgavya, the ultimate cure for Vata imbalance.

Panchgavya Remedies you can do at home:

  • Indigenous Indian Cow urine distillate is an excellent remedy for Vata imbalance when taken internally. You can drink Gotirth ARK or any one of our medicines based on your individual needs. (For the case of Vata imbalance, we suggest liquid instead of tablets).
  • ARK as a wonderful skin conditioner. ARK can also be used topically to condition the skin, scalp, hair and nails. You can simply apply ARK or our Gotirth PureSkin lotion on your body and scalp before bathing, then rinse after 15 minutes. For a thicker body mask, you can mix with multani mitti to form a paste.
  • Curd is another excellent conditioner and skin rejuvenator, particularly for the face. It’s high fat content seals moisture into the skin keeping it hydrated for a long time without clogging pores. It also contains lactic acid, which helps shed the old, dried out skin cells.
    You can make a revitalizing curd face and/or body mask by mixing with honey or ground oat flour.
  • Ghee! This is one of the most prescribed remedies in Ayurveda treasured for its nourishing and rejuvenating properties. Ghee is perfect for balancing out a Vata imbalance (dry, light and cool), because ghee is in nature oily, heavy and warm. You can consume 1tsp-3tsp ghee daily depending on your needs.
    Ghee can also be used as a Nasya regimine which will resolve dryness in the nasal cavity, along with all other ailments above the neck region. We suggest Gotirth Nasorine use on a daily basis, especially in Winter time.  Say goodbye to that dry, red, painful nose this Winter!
  • Warm Milk: Consuming the hot, comforting beverage before bed of milk with warming spices like ginger, turmeric and cinnamon is an Indian/ Ayurvedic tradition that will surely help sooth vata. Again this combination with warm, heavy and moist properties is the perfect concoction to counteract excess vata.

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