Cancer, Tumors

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that have changed, or mutated from normal cells. (Neoplasm or tumor) A group of cells that has lost its normal control mechanisms à Unregulated growth, which invades and destroys adjacent healthy tissue. Carcinex is one if the best alternative treatments for cancer known today. Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer. It is completely safe and natural with no harmful side effects that modern treatments may cause. Carcinex is derived from the Gomutra of healthy, indigenous Himalayan cows and natural, ayurvedic herbs. Its formulation is based on traditional ayurvedic formulas found in our holy scriptures. This branch of Panchgavya has been delivering miraculous healing effects for thousands of years, thanks to our beloved Gau Mata. Carcinex is clinically tested and proven to successfully reduce and or eradicate cancer cells of most types including breast, throat, liver, stomach, skin, tumors, etc. It controls and inhibits the growth of cancer cells while reversing the negative side effects and damage of other medicines, drugs, chemotherapy and radiation. In post operation conditions where chemotherapy is necessary, patients who regularly used Carcinex experienced immediate relief and no longer needed chemotherapy.
Carcinex successfully cured patients after doctors told them the disease was incurable. Carcinex is also the most cost effective treatment, costing around less than 10 rupees per day compared to expensive drugs/ medicines, chemotherapy and radiation, which can adversely cause more damage than cure. Consuming Carcinex not only cures cancer, but patients experience all the benefits of consuming Gomutra. ARK, or cow urine distillate is anti bacterial and anti fungal, anti toxin, a bio enhancer, provides over 24 vitamins, minerals, salts and enzymes, has antioxidant and anti aging effects, cures skin, digestive and heart disorders, regulates BP, purifies blood and liver and more.


Carcinex Dosage Liquid when prescribed by doctors for bodyweight 40kg and above, 20 ML every 4 hours with 2 Gausatvavati tablets every 8 hours.

Carcinex Dosage Tablet for bodyweight less than 40kg 10 ML every 4 hours with 1 Gausatvavati tablet every 8 hours.

VitaGreen Dosage: 5g-8g with 1-2 spoons organic, raw honey (Sweetener optional. Do not use refined white sugar). Mix well in 1 glass luke warm water. Take on empty stomach in morning and evening.

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