Fever FIX with Gotirth FeverEX


Winter is slowly approaching, which can mean sickness and fever! With Gotirth Feverex, you can safely and effectively manage health and fever for your entire family, from young children to seniors.

According to Ayurveda, the mian cause of fever is due to dosha imbalances and/or weak digestion in which a build up of ama, or undigested toxic matter occurs. Winter season brings on excess kapha imbalance, which is the perfect environment for germs and bacteria to settle. When these intruders become too much, the body naturally raises temperature to “digest,” them and cleanse the body of infection. Therefore, Ayurveda suggests to let the fever naturally run its course and not to take allopathic medicines which reduce body temperature, unless absolutely necessary. It is therefore prescribed to use herbs that penetrate the system quickly without needing to be digested (not weakening the Agni even more), that also have digestive/ appetizing qualities.  This is the ancient wisdom behind the formulation of Feverex. It is a completely safe and natural remedy that aids the body in restoring balance, function and eliminating impurities, which boosts recovery time and the overall healing process.

Desi Gomutra naturally balances the three doshas, particularly kapha and Vata, which are the two main imbalances leading to various fevers. It is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial which help detoxifying body. Gomutra also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, salts and antioxidants which enter the system easily helping to speed up recovery time, maintain electrolyte balance and provide essential nutrients.

Kiratatikta is a powerful digestive tonic therefore reduces ama, purifies blood, normalizes all three doshas, reduces inflammation, body pain and temperature, is antiviral and is particularly good for relieving lung congestion and cough. Amruta, or giloy literally means Amrit and is classified as one of the restorative herbs in Ayurveda. It is particularly used in cases of fever as it helps alleviate symptoms such as reducing burning sensation, mitigating thirst, improves digestive power (eliminating ama), restores strength and stamina, reduces swelling, pain and inflammation, purifies body, used to treat vomiting, cough and cold.

Tulsi is the final restorative herb used due to its ability to treat chronic, bacterial and viral fever, reduce inflammation, calm the mind, aid in digestion, soothe stomach and treat diarrhea, relieve cough, lung congestion and headache.

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