It is stated in the ancient Hindu texts that the performance of Gau Seva is the fastest road to moksha, or liberation. Krishna, a divine avatar of God Himself was a cow herder, portraying the importance of serving our Divine Mother. She represents the divine Motherly qualities of love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. These are not just present in ‘Mothers,’ or ‘females,’ but inherent in ALL of creation. Embracing these qualities will no doubt bring peace, prosperity and Divine Love to the entire universe.

Gomaya vaste Lakshmi
“The wealth and prosperity lie in the cow dung.”

Gaumatre Sarvoshadhinam
“All medicinal properties found in nature lie in the cow urine.”

By following theseabove-mentioned scriptures, we utilize the cow dung to produce safe, eco-friendly bio fuel, burning briquettes, wood block substitute and recycled paper products. We also promote organic, Panchgavya based agriculture with the production of organic compost, fertilizers and pesticides from cow dung and urine.

The cow urine, along with the other elements of Panchgavya and divine herbs are used to create medicines, along with other health and personal care items.