Healthy Lifestyle Choices


Diet Nutrition

  • Upon waking up drink LOTS of warm water (can be with lemon). Stay hydrated throughout the day. This helps flush the body of toxins.

  • Drink 1 glass of VitaGreen on empty stomach in morning. It will flush gastrointestinal tract, increase digestion, provide fiber, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which will aid in digestion and gastrointestinal health.

  • Increase intake of probiotics for a healthy gut (yogurt, buttermilk, supplements if necessary)

  • Avoid packaged and processed foods. They are the main cause of MOST health related ailments including obesity, heart attack, high BP, diabetes, etc. They offer minimal nutritional value, are loaded with refined sugar, salt, artificial ingredients, flavor enhancers, chemicals and GMO’s.

  • When consuming grains, ALWAYS have whole grains; avoid white processed flour, Maida, etc.

  • Increase fiber intake to help keep the intestinal tract clean. Chia seeds are great for cleansing.

  • Avoid white processed sugar. Substitute natural, unrefined sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, date syrup, terbinado sugar, jaggery or if avoiding sugar, natural stevia or a very limited amount of malted barley syrup (lower glycemic index).

  • Avoid sweets, desserts and snacking. Occasional snacking throughout the day disrupts proper digestion.

  • Also avoid foods which are known to cause excess mucus such as milk, cheese, etc. Excess mucus is caused from undigested foods. Try to have easily digestible foods.

  • Increase consumption of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

  • Avoid dairy from crossbred cows (A1). Always consume Desi cow dairy. A1 dairy is very harmful to health. Please refer to medical journal “Devil in the Milk.”

  • Green leafy vegetables like methi, brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc. are loaded with nutrients and good for detoxifying the body.

  • Consume more sprouts,(sprouted Mung Dahl, whole grains) as they contain easily accessible nutrients. They contain more enzymes which aid in breaking down of foods

  • Always soak dhal, seeds, nuts, rice, etc. before eating for easier digestion. They contain phyto acids which prevent from being broken down properly. After minimum 5 hours soaking either consume immediately or sprout and dry in sun.

  • Sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, walnuts and almonds for omega’s, fiber and protein.

  • Always eat fruits on an empty stomach and never after meals. This will lead to gas, bloating, acid formation/ heart burn, indigestion and upset stomach. Always have fruits alone on empty stomach and wait at least half hour before consuming a meal.

  • Try to wait a minimum of 3 hours before eating anything after a meal. Snacking inhibits proper digestion and can lead to more weight gain.

  • Avoid bottles juices. If you want juice, make sure it is fresh and a mixture of vegetables with fruits. Drinking water is best and eating a whole piece of fruit is better than juice as it contains the necessary fiber and essential nutrients.

  • Do not overcook food, it will destroy vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

  • Do not eat food that has become cold, and or reheated. Always make fresh.

  • Avoid refined oils, processed and packaged foods, spicy, salty non-veg foods.

  • Avoid coffee, tea and especially alcohol. Substitute tulsi, ginger, herbal teas.

  • Avoid smoking, being around second hand smoke and drinking alcohol.

Healthy Habits

  • Do not over exert the body and reduce stressful situations.

  • Establish a time table for meals. Eating timely is very crucial for proper digestion. However, only eat when hungry. If there is no hunger, do not eat.

  • Do not eat if feeling sad, angry, stressed or anxious. Only eat when feeling happy and at peace.

  • Don’t eat to satisfy cravings or desires. Instead just notice and become aware of desires. If you don’t react, they will soon pass. Only eat to fuel the body so it can be properly utilized to serve humanity.

  • Try to limit snacking in between meals as this leads to indigestion. 

  • Make sure body has adequate activity; Take a brisk walk in morning, or do yoga asana, Surya Namaskar, light exercise and stretching.

  • Yoga Asana for digestion; Twisting asanas, forward bends and back bends will increase digestive fire. Increase rounds of Surya Namaskar, standing poses and or vinyasa flow.

  • Certain pranayama can also increase digestive fire such as bhastrika, kapalbati or agnisar kriya, but should be followed by cooling pranayama such as Shitali breath in Summer or if body becomes too hot. Nadi sodhna for balancing energy.

  • Sit for meditation at least 1 hour daily

  • Asana and pranayama should be practice under proper guidance.

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