Livon live on

Livon live on

One of our most popular medicines is a famous reputation for curing, stopping and maintaining healthy liver in Livan.But do you know that this is not just for your lever. Livon is an excellent daily elixir to add to your daily diet.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It plays a major role in digestion, which is the key to maintaining health. Inappropriate digestion produces imbalance and hence the disease occurs.Indigenous cow urine is used to increase digestive fire, increase metabolism. For almost any disease, one of the first diagnosis is toxicity. Gumutra is also one of the best blood and body purifiers. Aloe vera and FullNava, Livon is quick, effective and safely toxicity, cleanses and cleanses the entire body.
In fact, the literal Sanskrit translation for “Purnavan” is “new”, which reflects its rejuvenation qualities and significance. A body that is clean on the inside, is clean on the outside, which means that Livon can help in a clear, bright color.
Livon is very beneficial in the treatment of liver disease like enlarged liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice etc. and is good for kidney failure, body purification and weak digestion. This powerful detoxification and rejuvenation properties are excellent remedies for chronic diseases such as cancer.

How to livon?

Everyday use: You can take Livon into your routine by taking 1tsp daily

Ditox Program:

include livons in the detoxification program. In Ayurveda, some kind of pure or detox program is suggested to reduce seasonal infections. Dietox programs may include fasting, drinking lots of water, limiting intake of solid food, other dietary supplements, etc. Another great way to get your detox program could be Vitagreen
Recovery: Livon is given to patients who are recovering from critical illness, which is a rejuvenation to help the body recover, digestion, detox / purify, reduce swelling etc. It is especially helpful in the cases of alcohol or drug abuse, or damage. Side effect of allopathic medicine.

Disclaimer: Although Livon is completely natural without any side effects, we recommend talking to your healthcare professional before taking any medication or supplement. Never self-diagnose or medication. Always seek professional help for safe and optimal health.

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