Gotirth Ashram Where Every Cow is a Blessing.

Gotirthashram is rooted in the ancient traditions of India, where the cow is not just an animal but a symbol of life and sustenance. Our journey began with a deep reverence for Gau Mata, and a commitment to promoting the sacred knowledge of Panchgavya—a unique blend derived from five products of the cow: milk, curd, ghee, urine, and dung. This powerful combination has been revered for centuries for its unparalleled medicinal and health benefits.

At Gotirthashram, we strive to uphold the sanctity and significance of the cow in our daily lives. Our efforts are dedicated to preserving this ancient wisdom and ensuring its benefits reach every household. We believe that Panchgavya is not merely a tradition but a holistic approach to health that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. Our team of experts meticulously crafts each product, blending the purity of Panchgavya with the potency of divine herbs to create remedies that are both natural and effective.


Our Mission is to spreading awareness about the multifaceted value of Panchagavya, a holistic blend of five cow-derived substances: milk, curd, ghee, urine, & dung.

These ingredients, when combined with potent divine herbs, create powerful remedies that promote health & well-being. By educating the community on these ancient practices, we aim to restore & uphold the cultural and spiritual reverence for Gau Mata.

We are dedicated to conducting extensive research to validate the efficacy of Panchagavya & its applications in modern healthcare. Our initiatives include organizing workshops, seminars, & outreach programs to engage diverse audiences & impart knowledge about the benefits of these traditional practices. We also collaborate with Ayurvedic experts & scholars to further enrich our understanding & application of Panchagavya.

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Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of individuals by providing the purest, all-natural Ayurvedic medicines and health products. By combining Panchgavya with divine herbs, we ensure our products are of the highest quality and efficacy, promoting a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. We strive to protect and nurture the indigenous Himalayan Badri cow, ensuring their well-being and maintaining the purity of our Panchgavya.

In addition, we focus on sustainable farming and ethical animal husbandry, ensuring that our cows are nurtured in a natural and compassionate environment. This commitment not only guarantees the purity of our products but also reflects our deep respect for Gau Mata. We believe that by promoting these values, we contribute to a healthier and more harmonious society.

What is Panchgavya?

Panchgavya, an ancient term rooted in the Sanskrit language, translates to “five products of the cow”. It refers to a unique concoction derived from five sacred substances obtained from the cow: milk, curd, ghee, urine, and dung. Each of these components holds immense significance in various cultural, spiritual, and medicinal contexts within Indian traditions.

Milk (Dugdh)

Cow's milk is revered as a symbol of purity and nourishment. It is rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making it a staple in traditional Indian diets.

Curd (Dahi)

Curd, or yogurt, is produced by fermenting milk with beneficial bacteria. It is known for its probiotic properties, aiding digestion and promoting gut health.


Cow urine is believed to possess medicinal properties and is used in Ayurvedic preparations for its detoxifying and healing effects. It is often referred to as ``gomutra`` and has been traditionally used in various remedies for ailments.

Ghee (Ghrit)

Ghee, clarified butter obtained by heating butter and removing the milk solids, is considered sacred in Hindu rituals and ceremonies. It is prized for its nutritional benefits and therapeutic properties.

Dung (Gomaya)

Cow dung, when properly processed and dried, is used as fuel for fire rituals (havan) and as a natural fertilizer for agricultural purposes. It is also believed to have antiseptic and purifying properties.


Embrace the ancient, embrace the now, With Gotirth, let wellness be your vow.

Experience the healing power of nature with Gotirth’s authentic Ayurvedic products, derived from the sacred essence of the cow. Our formulations are crafted with care, blending the purity of Panchagavya with divine herbs sourced from the pristine Himalayas. Each product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy. Through centuries-old wisdom and modern innovation, we bring you remedies that resonate with the rhythms of nature, restoring balance and vitality to your life.


At Gotirth, our mission extends beyond merely offering Ayurvedic medicines crafted from Panchgavya; we are also dedicated to fostering employment opportunities, particularly in rural and hilly areas. By engaging local communities in the production process, we not only empower individuals but also contribute to the economic development of these regions.

Our products, formulated with cow urine and natural herbs, are meticulously crafted to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.The efficacy of our Ayurvedic remedies is not just a claim; it is backed by the experiences of countless individuals who have benefited from using our products over the years. Their testimonials serve as a testament to the authenticity and effectiveness of our offerings, instilling confidence in those seeking natural alternatives for their health and wellness needs.

Furthermore, our impact extends beyond the realm of health and wellness. Through sustainable sourcing practices and environmental stewardship, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and promote harmony with nature. By choosing Gotirth, consumers not only prioritize their own well-being but also contribute to the greater good of the planet.