Gotirth is a unit of Gotirthashram which is engaged in educating society on the value of Panchgavya and the significance of our beloved Gau Mata (Mother Cow). By combining 100% indigenous healthy Himalayan Badri cow’s panchgavya with divine herbs, we produce the purest, all natural, Ayurvedic medicines and health products, ensuring the highest quality and efficacy.

Our dear Guruji, Swami Vishudhanand ji of Koteshwar spent his entire life serving Gau Mata and humanity. Having absolutely nothing but Divine guidance, he gathered all the stray cows of Devprayag, Uttarakhand and made a gaushala on a vacant bridge. His heartfelt efforts of pure devotion eventually gained support and grew into several more gaushalas, where the utmost love and care are given to these precious creatures. We ensure that every single cow is maintains proper diet, medical care and live a happy life.

“It’s our mission to save the cow by educating humanity about her precious, lifesaving gifts, providing them to all. It is never our goal to gain profit, but to give prosperity.”

We withhold to our values of honesty, purity, divinity, charity and of course, SEVA (service). As a close family of bhaktas (devotees), we consider it our noble duty to serve Gau Mata and humanity. In doing so, we never compromise the quality of any products, because this will compromise the health of our patients. That means each product is made from the highest quality Panchgavya of healthy, indigenous Indian Cows, NEVER crossbreeds, and Ayurvedic herbs… and nothing else! We don’t see the point in adding any artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or harmful chemicals. The Divine has blessed us with everything we need to cure, prevent and maintain proper health, so why manipulate that? We stand by our medicines and products, guaranteeing nothing but natures gifts for curing our beloved patients.

Our efforts are in serving and saving, never earning or gaining. In fact, nearly 100% of all profits go towards the efforts of serving Gau Mata and the proper maintenance of our gaushalas. This way we can continue our efforts in Gau Seva, educating people and giving back to our communities and nature. Best Ayurvedic Medicine in india.