Panchgavya for Vata Season Relief

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How to incorporate panchagavya into its daily routine to reduce the incidence of increased vaat in autumn season.

Autumn or fall is a beautiful time of transition. It coincides with the winter calendar of the Hindu Calendar and the Hemant. The warmth of summer gives relief from coolness, but there is also uncertainty about what winter will bring. As the leaves fall on the ground, a sense of emptiness and exposure in nature arises, as well as in us as well.
Autumn season welcomes vaat, air element and breath of vitality (vital breath)

The essence of life. The properties of this season are dry, rough, winding, uncertain, calm, subtle and clear. They are also shared by vata defects which exist in our existence.
According to Ayurveda, according to Ayurveda, changes in our daily routine should follow seasonal changes, such as at the time of eating and the type of special food, sleep and exercise habits, herbal supplements (supplements) etc. Our body changes with external fluctuations, so we need to maintain balance to survive. a healthy life.
We will focus on the properties of Vata (dry, light, cold, rough, subtle and empty). It translates dry or rough hair, skin and nails, mobility or race of mind (stress, anxiety, depression, uncontrollable thinking) and, of course, vata is considered to be the cause of pain in the whole body To counter these qualities, Ayurveda suggests that balance with the option of heat, oil quantity, grounding and nutrition. There are many ways

To help balance the Vata in your daily routine, but here are some uses of Panchgavya that will definitely make your way easier in a happy, healthy season!
Vata is the best time to eat ghee … wow! Ghee is an excellent remedy for Vata because it is oily, nutritious, grounding, warming, and definitely a delicious whole meal which provides comfort, strength and stability.
You can replace the oil and butter with ghee. Serve hot ghee in vegetables, bread, curd and on your sweet dishes, which are also suitable in the Vat season.

Conditioning with cow Urine

Cow urine is known as the best conditioner for hair and skin because it is full of nutritious ingredients, and is cleaned at the same time. You can add gourmet extracts to your shampoo once per week for healthy, radiant hair, or simply use the Gothirth Keseen Conditioning Hair Cleanser
Dry, rough skin is also a problem with the increase in vata. Gothirth Pure Skin is a safe and effective way to eliminate nutritious dryness, redness, bloating or any type of skin disease. Just apply on affected areas and rinse gently after 20 minutes.

Pain Relief Arthorid

Unfortunately, the increase in the vent element in the body can cause pain. It is perfect for the weather of Arthrid Vata, because it offers the most effective and effective treatment of muscle pain without any side effects or joints. Arthorid also increases digestion and can treat capsulose, which can also come with the increase in cold weather.
Gothirth Artho-Relief Relief Massage is another great remedy for dry skin as well as relief from oil pain. Massage also increases circulation and feelings of rest, love, nutrition etc.
Ears of pain are also common in the vata season because most ear pain is caused by the imbalance. Gottheim Otowin is known to provide the most painful ear relief in less than a day. It not only gives immediate relief but also eliminates the infection and closes it as well.

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