Panchgavya Protection for Winter

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Protect your family this Winter with the precious gifts of Gau Mata. Panchgavya is especially beneficial in the Winter, known as cold and flu season for a reason. Illness drastically increases causing dangerous, even life-threatening situations especially in children and elderly. By incorporating Panchgavya into your daily routine, you can easily, safely and effectively cure and protect your family from dangerous conditions this Winter.

Panchgavya, particularly gomutra is antibacterial, anti-viral and antimicrobial, which makes it perfect for fighting off germs this season. Cold and flu are particularly dangerous because antibiotics are useless when it comes to treating viruses. Viruses are ‘dead’ while antibiotics only kill living organisms. Since gomutra has antiviral properties it is perfect for curing the dangerous viruses without any adverse effects from conventional allopathic medications.

Gomutra is also naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants which the body needs particularly in times like Winter. They help boost immunity and keep the body strong and nourished.

Gomutra also keeps the three doshas in balance, which can be a big issue in Winter time. During the cold season, Kapha (mucus) increases. This causes both nasal and lung congestion, headache, sinus pressure, coughing, stuffy and runny noses, etc. We have a variety of panchgavya based medicines which reduce the harmful effects of Kapha imbalances (check our website or consult with our gavya siddhas).

Panchgavya can be utilized in a multitude of ways for curing, preventing and maintaining health. It can be taken orally for internal protection in medicinal form. It can also be applied topically to the body and on surfaces for protection against germs. It can even protect against air born illness by burning (ghee or gobar based incense) for purification of air.


Well, below are some helpful suggestions how you can utilize the precious gifts of Gau Mata keep you and your family safe this season, and all year round!

Helpful Panchgavya Winter Protection Tips

  1. Take a daily dose of Gotirth ARK, Gotirth Syrup, Gau Elixir or Gotirth Gausatvati Tablets to boost immunity and help fight off bacteria, viruses, infection and fever. They will also enhance the effects of any other medications you are taking for a quicker recovery.

  2. Keep Gotirth Decowll handy at all times! Use as a hand sanitizer or mix with water and spray around the home to kill any germs.

  3. Replace all chemical based household cleansers with all natural, Panchgavya based Gotirth Cownyl. It will kill any bacteria and viruses while protecting from future microbes without harming your loved ones.

  4. Burn cow dung incense or Desi ghee lamps to purify the air.

  5. Use Gotirth Lotion or Gotirth Ghee to moisturize and heal dry, cracked skin caused by harsh Winter conditions.

  6. Gotirth Panchgavya Hair Cleanser is perfect for nourishing and conditioning dry scalp caused by Winter coldness.

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