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Online Ayurvedic Medicine O-Flamin

Gotirth O. Flamin

The composition of Renol: Each 100 ml contains: Punarnava (BoerhaviaDiffusa) – 10 mg, Makoya (Solanum Nigrum) – 10 mg & Purified Cow Urine – 100 ml. Main Purpose of O-Flamin: Itis basically taken if you are suffering from any kind of inflammation. Being an Ayurvedic medicine, it is best or recommended if you intend to get rid of these sorts of issues. Dosage: 10 ml to 20 ml with equal quantity of water or honey twice per day or as directed by the physician. Precautions: Since O-Flamin has been prepared from natural things, so there is no fear to be taken. But in order to get better results some precautions need to be taken whose listing are as follows: Avoid Refined oils, processed or packaged foods, acidic, salty, non-veg foods, tea & coffee, stress, alcohol & smoking etc. Recommended Medicine to be taken with: If you are suffering from any sort of External & Internal Inflammation then it is best to use O-Flamin. As it is completely natural and made from Himalayan Herbs, so there is no Side-effect. You can get more benefits if you take with medicine which is Gausatvavati Tablets. Where it should be kept: Protect it from direct sunlight and must be stored in a Cool, dry & dark place. NOTE: Shake well before consumption.