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Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Cleansing – Gotirth Livon Tablets

Category: Liver Disfunction, Kidney Malfunction, Detoxifier, Purifier, Body Cleanse Indication: Useful in treating liver disease; enlarged liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, etc. Also, excellent treatment for kidney disfunction, body purification and weak digestion. Composition: 100% pure indigenous Himalayan cow urine distillate, Bhui amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Guduchi (tinospora cordifolia), Daru haldi (berberis arristata), Kalmegh (andrographis panniculata), Chiraita (swertia chirayata), Kutki (picorriza kurroea), Purnarnava (boerhavia diffusa). Dosage: Children- 1 tabletwith 1 tsp Livon Liquid and water once daily & Adults- 2 tabletswith 1 tsp Livon Liquid and water twice per day, or as directed by the physician. Supportive Medicine: Livon Liquid,VitaGreen, Gausatvavati, Digeston
Gotirth Feverex Plus Liquid - Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever

Gotirth Feverex Plus Liquid – Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever

Category: Antipyretic, Natural Fever Treatment, Total Health Restorative, Digestive Tonic, Digestive Restorative, Body Detoxifier, Blood Purifier, Body Cleanser Indication: Useful in treating various types of fever by balancing the doshas, restoring proper digestion, normalizing bodily functions, increasing stamina and energy, eliminating bacterial and viral infections and detoxifying the body. Effective treatment for cold, flu, malaria, chronic fever, typhoid, bacterial and viral invasions, PUO and alleviate the symptoms associated with fever such as pain, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, etc. Composition: 100% Pure Indigenous Indian Cow Urine Distillate, Kiratatikta (Swertia Chirata), Amruta (Tinospora Cordifolia), Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum). Dosage: Adults- 10ml-20ml, Children- 5ml-10ml with equal quantity water twice per day. In case of severely high Supportive Medicine : Gotirth livon Tab, Vita Green

Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda – Gotirth Nasorine Nasal Drop

Category:Nasya Treatment, Nasal Decongestant, Headache Relief, ENT Treatment, Cognitive Health, Emotional Wellbeing Supportive Medicine:Breathon, Gausatvavati Tablets, VitaGreen, B.P Norm Tab, Bp. Norm Liquid Dosage:Heat lukewarm and instil 2 drops in both nostrils twice per day, or as directed by the physician.After inserting drops gently use fingers to massage outer area of nostrils (circular motions for a few seconds). Remain with head tilted backwards or in a reclined position (laying down) for 2-3 minutes after inserting drops so they can enter the nasal cavity. To Heat: Place tightly covered bottle in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Remove and COMPLETELY DRY (paying special attention to opening area), with towel. Water should not enter the bottle. Indication:Nasal congestion, sinusitis,runny nose, headache and/ormigraine, ringing in ears, cognitive health; improves focus and concentration, regulates emotional response and reduces stress, treatsthroat infections, balances doshas and pacifies kapha and vata. Composition:100% Pure Indigenous Indian Cow Urine Distillate, Shadbindu Tel, Desi Ghee(Goghrit)