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Online Ayurvedic Medicine Renol

Gotirth Renol Liquid

Indication: Used for treatment and maintenance of a healthy urinary tract. Urinary tract infections, kidney infections, crystalluria, hematuria, dysuria, phosphatoria, cystitis, pyelitis, urethritis, burning micturition, kidney dysfunction, renal and urinary calculi. Composition:100% pure indigenous Himalayan cow urine distillate, Patharchatta (bryophyllum pinnatum), Gokhru (tribulus terrestris), Dalchini (cinnamomum zeylinicum), Purnarnava (boerhaaia diffusa). Dosage:10ml – 20ml mixed with equal quantity water and/ or honey twice per day (preferably on empty stomach), or as directed by the physician. Take Renol 1 hour prior or after VitaGreen while drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day for fast relief and to promote optimal kidney/ UT health. Precautions: Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine or supplement. Do not take within 1 hour of consuming dairy. Consult your physician if you are pregnant. Avoidheavy and acidic foods while treating UTI’s and rice. Avoid spicy, salty, fried, processed/ packaged foods, smoking and alcohol. Limit stimulants such as coffee & tea. Consume easily digestible, fresh foods (organic when possible). Supportive Medicine: Livon Liquid, VitaGreen,Gaustvavati Tablets  
Online Ayurvedic Medicine Gotirth VitaGreen

Gotirth VitaGreen

Indication:Vitamin dificiancy (anemia), lack of energy, weakness, fatigue, skin disorders, weak immune system, hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular health,  stress/ anxiety/ depression, improves cognitive health/ brain function, diabetes management, anti-cancer, thinning hair and/or nails, inflammation and arthritis. Composition:100% pure, raw, whole leaf wheatgrass powder. Dosage:Gotirth VitaGreen is a complimentary part of most treatments, including cancer,