We Care

    At Panchgavya Healthcare, we are not just a group of healthcare professionals, we are a family of devotees. Devoted to not only the service of Holy Cow, but the service of humanity, and that means YOU!

    We truly care about the health and well being of everyone who contributes to this noble cause, which means you’re in our care until you’re healed! Aftercare is unfortunately overlooked by many doctors these days and we find many patients who have undergone numerous “treatments” finding no cure.

     It’s our duty and mission to serve you, not just provide you with a service!

    That’s why we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for all of our beloved patients. Your health is our main priority. The divine panchgavya of Gau Mata, along with proper guidance is the sure way for ultimate health.

    You can contact us via telephone or online for a consultation or follow up. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions, issues, etc. We CARE… and that’s why we are here for YOU!

    Again, you can reach us by telephone at +91 9411 515929
    fill out the ‘contact us form’ to schedule an appointment with one of our Doctoers.

    Jai Gau Mata!


    You can reach us by telephone at +91 9411 515929

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