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Feminine health is at an extremely high risk with todays fast paced society and other environmental factors.  Irregular diets and processed foods destroy women’s health by creating hormone imbalances, therefore leading to depression, weight gain, hair loss, irregular menses, breast cancer, infertility and other issues. Additional factors such as stress, pressure, excessive workloads, improper diet, sleep deficiency, GMO’s and hormone injected foods such as meat and dairy play contributing roles in women’s health issues. Luckily, Gau Mata, the Mother of the Universe, has provided the perfect cure for her loving daughters.

Gotirth Femina is a complete female tonic that safely and naturally alleviates common issues faced by women and can be used by women of any age.

How Does Gotirth Femina Work?

Desi Gomutra balances the 3 doshas and hormones while naturally calming the mind promoting a sattvic (peaceful) state of being, reducing stress, anxiety and mood swings.

Ashoka offers a variety of benefits effectively heart, skin and digestive disorders while detoxifying the body, but is particularly known for its ability to regulate female bodily functions. By balancing hormones, Ashoka regulates the menstrual cycle and alleviates problems associated with menstruation such as dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea. It’s also used to treat anemia by restoring strength and stamina. Its cleansing properties rid the body of toxins and impurities leaving a clear complexion.

Hibiscus is used to treat various gynecological disorders such as amenorrhea, contraception menorrhagia, dysuria, strangury, cystitis, light or excessive menstrual bleeding, absence of menstrual cycle and other genito-urinary problems. It is also used in other common feminine problems such as weakness or anemia, skin problems, premature greying of hair, indigestion or acidity, inflammation or swelling, fever, coughs and other venereal diseases.

Text Box: Panchgavya Tips for Feminine Health

Panchgavya Tips for Feminine Health

  1. Desi Gomutra can be used topically on skin and scalp to treat dryness and flakes
  2. Desi Gobar powder mixed with multani mitti and aloe vera juice can be applied as face pack to sooth facial breakout AND applied to the lower abdomen to help ease menstrual cramps
  3. Desi Ghee, milk and curd are excellent for nourishing the entire system, especially during time of menses
  4. Warm milk at night can help settle emotions and promote restful sleep
  • Drink plenty of water to help flush and detox system.
  • Stay fit! Exercise, do yoga, walk, dance, just keep moving!
  • Eat fresh, natural foods. Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), not injected with growth hormones (rSBT).
  • RELAX! Reduce stressful situations, take baths, drink herbal tea, meditation, walk in nature, art, reading, writing, etc.

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